AionaCast has an International Patent (PCT) pending in the area of Electromobility “Origination procedures for cooling channels for liquid-cooled cases of light metal chilled casting” e.g. for stator housings, battery housings or power electronic housings. More…

For the manufacture of cooling channels in chill-casting for stator housing the following procedures are currently used:

  • Molded tubes filled with salt and equipped with wire drawing
  • Drilling channels
  • Two-shell design
  • Lost form
  • Laser powder build-up welding (3D pressure) and similar
  • Shooted sand cores with organic and inorganic binding agents
  • Printed sand cores
  • Pressed, shooted or cast salt cores
  • Ceramic cores
  • Glass hollow parts

These applications all have their own specific advantages and disadvantages, which you are most likely aware of.

At the same time, they have one thing in common – they are relatively expensive for volume-production applications. With our procedures you can save €5-10 per supplier part! The patent pending is not simply a development or refinement of the procedure, rather a completely new one, perfectly adapted for stator housings on a large scale. AionaCast is looking for additional partners for the project implementation in the foundry / supplier industry or OEMs