AionaCast Licenses GmbH is the sister company of AionaCast Consulting GmbH. The company owns the Know-How and patents related to the RoBoC tecnology. It will be the contractual partner for all licenses discussions and contracts. We offer the tecnology of the manufacturing process how to cast housings with a Roll-Bond Core.

Making use of our extensive network, we contact developers, planners and sales teams, and present potential new suppliers in terms of reaching a win-win situation.

We understand the individual needs of our customers and have gained recognition as reliable managers with strong intercultural skills and foresight. Our clients are won over by our technical competencies and it’s through empathy for our partners that we build the trust that is necessary.

Operating in Germany, accessible locally, connected worldwide

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Located near Stuttgart, we’re based in the heart of an Automotive-focused region. Here, we benefit from an all-around view of the sector’s current activities.

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