AionaCast has many years of practical management experience in the industrial sales of supplier parts in the German-speaking region. AionaCast works with firm partners in the international sphere who are not in competition with each other. We deliver market research for our partners, develop sales concepts and subsequently implement the results on the basis of commercial representation.

Making use of our extensive network, we contact developers, planners and sales teams, and present potential new suppliers in terms of reaching a win-win situation.

We understand the individual needs of our customers and have gained recognition as reliable managers with strong intercultural skills and foresight. Our clients are won over by our technical competencies and it’s through empathy for our partners that we build the trust that is necessary.

Products are replaceable – an individual troubleshooting service is not

Sales activities for non-competing partners.
Our services:

  • Acquisitions
  • Technical account management
  • Project tracking
  • Negotiations
  • Close project support through to completion
  • Contact partners always on hand for client concerns
  • one face to the customer
  • The diverse goals of our clients include: reaching fixed sales targets, margin improvement, winning target customers, developing new strategic customer structure
Our clients are from manufacturing industries, developing technical parts that require explanation, components or pre-finished assemblies, with the aim of:

  • exploiting their market potential
  • accessing new markets
  • favouring a performance-based remuneration system for sales representatives
  • using information about market development and competition
  • reducing fixed sales costs
  • making use of sales services
  • implementing their marketing strategy with their customers
  • making their products, which require explanation, understandable
  • nurturing an ongoing relationship with their customers
  • favouring a partner who develops new initiatives and shows engagement

We are looking for new international sales briefs from partners wishing to expand in future-oriented industries.